Welcome to the new First things First website!

First things first, which has proved very popular since its inception in 2008, is The Salvation Army’s music training series. This is aimed at developing brass playing, from picking up the instrument for the very first time, and progressing through to playing in a small ensemble.

Please register using the link to the left to make full use of the online resources. For students there is free access to download all the backing tracks which accompany tutor books. Teachers also have access to the online Course Assessment form and Course Certificates through the "My Account" or "Let's Assess!" pages.

This is just the start! Over the coming months we plan to develop the site with additional tutorial videos, more backing tracks, new learners’ music and much more!

Let's Play

The Elementary Course provides an exciting and challenging early introduction to brass playing. Intentionally, using just the first 5 notes (C-G), the course allows and encourages the important early development of a brass player’s most vital commodity, the lips!

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Let's Progress

The Grade 1 Course extends the range to middle C and sets out to provide our beginners with the basic essentials, preparing them to tackle some of the challenges they will meet in their first experiences of playing in the Young People’s Band.

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Let's Perform

The Grade 2 Course introduces a series of targets intended to help with the further challenges that will be met by our young musicians as they further develop in their early band repertoire.

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